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Learn techniques that grew Kevin’s following to 160,000+ and built a thriving artistic business

Kevin had so much information to share and it was articulate, honest, cohesive, and forthcoming.
Dorothea G.

About Kevin Jenkins

Kevin is a working artist, traveling throughout the United States choreographing for State Street Ballet, St. Louis Ballet, San Diego Dance Theater, the School of Ballet Arizona, SUNY Purchase, CPYB, Island Moving Company, Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami, and Big Muddy Dance among others. He has served on faculty at Boston Ballet School, Joffrey Ballet School, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, the University of San Diego, and Master Ballet Academy.

Kevin has redesigned the social media marketing for Ririe-Woodbury Dance, Malashock Dance, The Rosin Box Project, and Redirecting Dance. He has also lectured for the University of Arizona and Ballet 5:8. His online courses have been studied by hundreds of students in over 40 countries.

Not Your Average Social Media Course

Benifits of the course

Consistent Content Scheduling

Unlock the secret to regular, quality posts, boosting both engagement and follower count with Kevin's proven strategies.

Engagement Amplification

Learn innovative techniques to skyrocket your likes, comments, and shares, building a vibrant community around your brand

Creative Content Generation

Explore endless possibilities for fresh, appealing content that pushes boundaries and captivates your audience

Personal Branding Mastery

Craft a unique identity in a crowded space, making your brand's message resonate with followers and enhance your online presence.

Algorithm Optimization

Demystify social media algorithms to increase your content's reach, connecting with a wider audience and mastering platform trends.


What Our Students Say

    Tresa C.

    Kevin turned the overwhelming and daunting task of starting a business Instagram account into a manageable, empowering, and - dare I say - fun endeavor! He has a tremendous amount of knowledge about what works, what doesn’t, and creates a clear process for you to be successful. Kevin demystified social media and got me truly excited about building an online presence.

      Andreina Q.

      This course was way more interesting than I ever would have thought. To be able to learn about business, marketing, filming, and so much more was just perfect. As artists no one ever teaches us about these important topics so all this information is incredibly helpful.

        Valerie M.

        As a former professional dancer, and aspiring choreographer and teacher, I have learned so much from Kevin. With the techniques, advice, and information given, I feel confident to continue developing my craft.

          Bruno S.

          I always saw Kevin’s work on Instagram and was amazed with the music, movement and inspiration. In the course, he made me believe that I can try to become the choreographer that I aspire to be. I can’t wait to enjoy every step of the way.

            Cara M.

            Wow what an amazing online course! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED every minute of every lesson.

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            This course is designed for artists looking to grow their social media presence and personal brand. Whether you're a beginner struggling to gain traction or an intermediate user looking to scale your audience and engagement, our course offers strategies and insights tailored to various levels of experience. Whether you’re a painter, composer, dancer, or singer, artists of all kind will find valuable resources in this course to maximize their online presence.

            Kevin Jenkins’ course stands out due to its focus on actionable insights and personalized strategies, specifically for artists. Kevin was able to grow his following on Instagram to over 160,000 and has dealt with many of the real problems creators and influencers face when growing, and monetizing their audience. Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, our course emphasizes understanding your unique brand and audience to develop customized growth tactics for your art form. Additionally, Kevin brings real-world success stories and experiences, offering practical advice that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

            While results can vary based on your starting point and the effort you put in, many students begin to see noticeable improvements in their engagement and follower count within the first few weeks. We encourage consistent application of the strategies outlined in the course and active participation in the community for feedback and tips, which can accelerate your growth.

            Absolutely not! Our course is designed to help artists across all stages of their social media journey and within any niche. The strategies and techniques we teach are adaptable and can be applied regardless of your current following size or the focus of your personal brand or business. The course provides the foundations for growth and engagement, helping you to attract and retain your target audience effectively.